The Settlers is a happy little story about a trio of greedy demons who crept up to the surface once the gates of Hell closed without warning in order to make a profit off the miserable humans trapped in purgatory by promising a vessel on earth in exchange for their soul.

The big boss of the underworld is nowhere to be found and the trio is efficiently running a reputable business while gaining power..
Or at least that's what they're hoping to do.


The Settlers is a collaboration between Rachel (Fairygun) and I (Tweekling)

I'm in charge of this blog so what you see is from me unless stated otherwise..

This blog doubles as an ask blog, so if you want to ask someone something, I'll draw a response.


Some sketches I’ve done in the past few months that I can share. Honestly I just wanted to draw blood a lot so really all this is just messing around.
It’s like drawing fan art for yourself…weird.

Some sketches I’ve done in the past few months that I can share. Honestly I just wanted to draw blood a lot so really all this is just messing around.

It’s like drawing fan art for yourself…weird.

Here are some more side by sides of the upgrades I’ve given the comic thus far. Mostly I’ve been fixing mistakes and redrawing a panel or two now and again but I know people like to see art improvement so here you go. New is on the left, old is on the right.

I’ve been sort of neglecting doing any actual art I can share lately so I’m really sorry about that. I was also thinking of changing the font of the comic before I go any further? I’m going to look into that. 

Anonymous asked
So what inspired you to make your characters demons? Or was that just an idea you had from the start?

I’ve always liked the concept of angels and demons, I was raised in a Pentecostal church (which I stopped going to after fighting my dad up until adolescence and obviously very vehemently rejected the religion) and so I had a lot of exposure to those sorts of things and in retrospect found a lot of things really funny about how demons and angels are viewed in religion as well as in media that portrays them as such divine and unholy beings.

Which is why I decided to make a story about demons and angels that is more about what it would be like if they had to live mundane domestic lives in small town Nebraska. Is that satire? I think that fits the definition but I do enjoy seeing how other people explore the common theme of such supernatural beings, I just thought it would be fun to take something so well established and make a joke out of it I guess. A lot of stuff is based off my personal experiences as well.

Gello the demon destined to cause mayhem and misfortune for pregnant women on earth possesses the body of a suburban goth chick and continues to paint her nails black despite having no real necessity to. Rachel and I just made a bunch of jokes talking back and forth about ghosts and demons and then it became this… Now three years later we’re still doing the same shit.

I’m really glad to hear you’re so interested in what we do it makes me so happy.

Anonymous asked
So we've seen a lot of the characters..out of all of them who are you most excited to introduce in the comic?

Jamie :p I’m such a loser I love him so much and I want to be able to reveal things about his and his sister’s life. It’s going to take a while to get to that point but it’s still pretty early on. Then Daniel oh my god it’s going to be so long till we get to see him but he’s got a great backstory I swear. I can’t spoil it though. Also Trip. I’m so frickin excited to introduce Trip I think you guys will like him (I hope).

Anonymous asked
How much of your story would you say you have mapped out?

We have so much done and so, so much more to do. We have all these characters, and all this development for them, and their past, present and future. We know what’s going to happen in the comic and how it will end, we have all these plot twists and side stories and I’ve literally written out in text the entirety of the 3rd issue of the comic (it’s 125 pages long, written like a story) and we know all the major plot points…however…we still don’t know exactly what’s going to happen page per page….So right now we have a lot of gaps to fill in at the immediate start of the story where I am right now. 

I have only the next 5 or so pages planned out exactly, then I know the next major plot point but I’m not 100% sure how I’m going to get there. There is a lot of planning to do!

Ohhhh my god yes we do. We’ve scrapped a ton of characters and a ton of designs in the process of making this stupid story I swear. Be prepared for a long post.

Just trying to make an angel character alone we went through so many failed designs and ideas, I’m so glad I didn’t settle for any of them because I ended up making Daniel and he’s 10/10. We were going to make this guy named Dagget who was going to be an angel but we couldn’t come up with any good designs but we tried really hard and they were all horrible. Under the cut are a bunch of very old unused ideas and terrible characters who got shredded up never to be seen again. Keep in mind these are all concept sketches/images and never really got anywhere.

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You guys are so lovely, thanks for making my girlfriend happy 

Now she can understand why I get so excited when anyone says anything about Jamie even if it’s just an off-handed comment. She officially can’t complain about Annie not being acknowledged anymore :) Bless you all. 

time-013 asked
Duuuude, I forget about Annie sometimes but I already have a special place for her in my heart. She seems like such a sweetheart. ;v; Have you already done a fact thing about her?

That’s good to hear. She is a very sweet lady, Rachel and I make stuff of her and Jamie a lot because…we…we….Well, Sometimes you have to play favorites, we can’t help it. Anyway, she wrote a few facts for you:

Annie grew up on a ranch in North Dakota.

She is afraid of vomit and hospitals make her nervous.

She is very busy.

When she is not very busy she capers around the house and talks to herself.

Her reproductive system was absolute garbage back when it worked at all.

Her patience is nothing short of incredible.

She is not allowed to have fun or do anything unless her husband says it’s okay, and let me tell you, he never says that.

Her mother is from Britain, and Annie consequently sometimes says British Things which sometimes gets her weird looks but nobody ever addresses it because they would rather think she’s just being pretentious than ask.

She likes accents of all kinds. Are you extremely southern? Nice! Are you from Jolly old England like her mother? How lovely! Do you hail from the east coast and sound like you’re gonna rob someone? That’s adorable!

Annie is a gifted artist, specifically a painter, but much like anything else that might bring her joy, she is not allowed to do that anymore.