The Settlers is a happy little story about a trio of greedy demons who crept up to the surface once the gates of Hell closed without warning in order to make a profit off the miserable humans trapped in purgatory by promising a vessel on earth in exchange for their soul.

The big boss of the underworld is nowhere to be found and the trio is efficiently running a reputable business while gaining power..
Or at least that's what they're hoping to do.


The Settlers is a collaboration between Rachel (Fairygun) and I (Tweekling)

I'm in charge of this blog so what you see is from me unless stated otherwise..

This blog doubles as an ask blog, so if you want to ask someone something, I'll draw a response.


Even more Toby and Daniel for all your angel + halfling needs. 

Daniel tries to take care of Toby, even if they’re a horrible winged abomination that not even the kindest of angels or foulest of demons would touch. 

I don’t think he ever planned on being sympathetic towards a child such as Toby, or sympathetic towards anything at all for that matter. He’s sort of an asshole. 

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